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Mexico's Leading RFID Solution Provider

Save Time  and Money by partnering with Mexico's leading RFID solution provider. 100% Guaranteed. Stress Free.

Free RFID Consultation

RFID Anxiety

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As an engineer your job is to keep your plant running as smoothly as possible. You know RFID can bring immediate and long term benefits. However, gaps in company knowledge cause confusion regarding RFID hardware, software, installation, and sourcing. It's normal that adopting this new technology revs up your anxiety, especially without an expert guide to lean on.

RFID projects easily get out of control...

Losing Time

The right strategy is out there, but the process of discovering it takes time and energy away from core responsibilities, feeding stress.



Without rare insight into extremely complex design and deployment, even the strongest businesses fail to succeed at RFID initiatives.


The responsibility of making this project a success is on your shoulders. That's a lot of stress, especially when you're doing this alone.

Free RFID Consultation

Complete RFID Solutions

We know the pressure of designing a major solution for Mexican manufacturers.

Supporting them with an expert grasp of their use case, we develop RFID solutions that empower businesses.

Custom RFID frees our clients in Mexico from shipping errors, security issues, and supply chain blindness.

RFID hardware

Save Time and Money

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We partner with the most trusted brands to deliver cutting edge technology solutions. Since we buy in volume, our partners give us significant discounts.

By working with us you get the benefit of those discounts without the headache of having to implement RFID alone.

With our 100% guarantee, you can sit back and relax. Let Sandtex handle your project, you get to save time and money in the process.


Simplified RFID


Call us or email us to setup a free consultation with one of our Mexican engineers.

Free RFID Consultation


We meet to discuss your project and quote you on a complete solution with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


If you accept our offer, you sit back, relax, and let Sandtex RFID handle all the dirty work.


Consult an RFID Specialist

The frustration, anxiety, and isolation executives feel when making business-shifting choices about RFID solutions grows over time. Deciding to consult expert engineers helps alleviate these feelings, and Sandtex's simple but sophisticated approach calms our clients.

Schedule a call with our bi-lingual specialists to get your questions answered, custom solutions designed, and RFID implementation completed.

6551 Paredes Line, Brownsville, Texas 78526  Tel: 956-546-9009

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