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Sandtex Punchouts allow you to quickly browse a huge selection of products listed by product number and streamline the RFQ process.

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RFQ Overload

The number of requests for quotations (RFQs) that a procurement team must deal with is staggering. Most tend to get overwhelmed and are not able to keep up with demand, which in turn leads to delays and higher costs due to rush fees or stressing relationships with suppliers.


The problem with RFQs is that they are mostly created manually, making them inefficient. It's not only time consuming to create and send out hundreds of requests for quotations per day, but it inadvertently introduces errors or worse yet conflict into the process.

Manual RFQs

As more and more RFQs are created, it then takes teams longer and longer to sort through all the issues that come up with each RFQ. In addition, there are often confusing requests that need clarifying with suppliers.

Continuous Backlog

With hundreds of RFQs coming in per week, miscommunication and misunderstanding can be a problem, which will only slow down the overall process. The result is a never-ending backlog that your team is unable to clear.

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Sandtex Punchouts

Punchouts are modern digital catalogs that are hosted on your ERP system or on our private secure cloud. It's like regular online shopping but only for your company and only for the items you need.

Searchable and easy to use.

No More RFQs

With punchout catalogs, you negotiate pricing with your suppliers once a year. This cuts down on time needed to re-quote items manually and reduces many of the common errors that procurement teams have to deal with.

We Handle the Technology

Your suppliers can upload their catalog and enter pricing information that is automatically kept up-to-date. We then connect the catalog to your ERP or host it directly on our private secure cloud. This cuts down on time needed to re-quote items annually.

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Goodbye Bottlenecks

Whenever your team needs to source an item they go to the punchout catalog and place the order directly with the supplier. Since everything has been pre-negotiated there is no need to send out RFQs or activate an authorization cycle. Your team places the order directly, the same day its needed.

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