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Global Sourcing

The world's most advanced supply chain.

A smart, flexible and global network that helps you meet the needs of today so you can manufacture the world of tomorrow.

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International Procurement Issues

International procurement is inherently difficult.


It involves many different countries, regulations and languages which makes communication difficult.


Teams then have to navigate the intricacies of international logistics and the paperwork necessary to guarantee items arrive at the right place and at the right time.


To make matters worse, you have to constantly manage hundreds of relationships with suppliers that are often hundreds of miles away.

They don't understand your bidding process

You don't know if you can trust them to deliver

You have to negotiate finance terms over and over

It's no wonder most procurement teams fail to meet corporate goals and expectations. As a result, many organizations have started outsourcing their international procurement efforts.

Sandtex Solution

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Advanced Supply Chain

For over 25 years, Sandtex has helped the world's largest companies manage their international procurement and logistics. We have spent years building an advanced supply chain of products with hundreds of suppliers all over the world. By using our global network of suppliers, you are able to reduce costs, deliver on time, and focus on more strategic procurement issues.

Our team will manage every detail of your order, from the moment you request a quote right through to delivery. Your order will be processed by a experts who deal with all the paperwork, logistics, communication and delivery related issues.

We deal with all the global complexity so you don't have to.

Global Reach

We have decades of experience in building and managing complex supply chains around the world. We are the experts in sourcing parts and materials from North America, Europe and Asia.

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Guaranteed Deliveries

No need to worry about international documentation or cargo lost in transit. We partner with top offshore suppliers, arrange reliable shipping logistics and handle customs clearance documentation. So we can guarantee delivery, every time.

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One Stop Financing

By consolidating your international spend with Sandtex, you'll get access to our network of global suppliers at our pre-negotiated rates. You'll have a single point of contact for accounts payable, documentation and negotiations.

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