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Sandtex RFID Video Transcript

Are you operating within the manufacturing, supply chain or logistics industry?

Do you need real time tracking of your work-in process, asset allocation, inventory management, inbound and outbound and employee operations?

If yes, don’t look further than Sandtex RFID Solutions.

Sandtex RFID Solutions is designed to make asset tracking easier and effective by bringing unparalleled levels of accuracy, efficiency and business intelligence.

Sandtex RFID optimizes work-in process through real time production line tracking with our RFID hardware and software solutions that track component progress during different stages of assembly.

Identify bottlenecks and enabling process efficiency with increased output.
Why choose Sandtex RFID Solutions?

It provides a complete end to end solution of hardware, software and tags.
It utilizes an advanced cloud based solution for real time access for multi location companies and organizations.

It can reduce operational costs and increase supply chain efficiency.

Ready to effectively track your logistic operations?

Contact Sandtex RFID for a customized solution today.

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